It's All In your head

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Worst day ever. Nd I don’t even have anyone to talk to because my friends suck. The end.

Who gives a fuck about Easter when it’s 420 (;

I can’t stand being lied to . You might as well just leave me alone.

Man I hate when girls are just naturally flirtatious or are just flirts and try to have conversations with me, especially older ones, I can’t fucking handle it, go away.

Sometimes I just really kiss being single and I know that a bad thin to say but I get tired I being tied down not being able to go out and do anything. I want to be free while I’m young, especially when I’m getting my lisenses soon.

When I’m single she acts like she doesn’t want me and when I get in a relationship she’s all over me. Then I’m single again and were the closest friends and when I get into a relationship a few months In she wants to admit that she’s always liked me and all this, but she says that it doesn’t matter because its old shit. And she just lights my candle Over on over till the wax just begins to drip and she quickly blows it out once its really fired up. She’s a heart breaker but I’m okay with it, as long as she sticks around.

I feel like a broke the black and whiteness of y blog with the Emojis on my last post, oh well it was worth it.

I just can’t help but to make this girl mad because she’s one of those that just look soooo sexy with a pissed off look. 🙊😍 lhh.


dating me would involve:

  • bed all day
  • netflix
  • pizza
  • coffee
  • sexy time
  • kissing
  • tv shows

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I’d rather not be an option at all then be someone’s second choice. Or the person someone runs to as a last resort just because the can.